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my note-taking setup

mem.ai (new)

Notion (old)

  • Use notion page of course (not indexing to search engine like google, cuz i’m poor)
  • These my notion main page
> The Gargen of Note (publish, the main page you view see when you click the like i provice)
> Publish (publish note)
> Private (i don’t want show you, for private infomation stuff)
  • that it! hopefully i will have some cool customize stuff while using notion
  • For now trust the basic workflow when i used Vim before

vim (old)

> note/
> personal/
> publish/
  • I use github private repo for sync my note.
  • I use script for copy my publish/ to this repo
  • Crontab for automation stuff, you can see my crontab config here, default is every 15m.
  • I use shortcut space + n in vim for new note following YYYYMMDDhhmmss.md to my inbox note/, after i will move this note to publish or personal.
  • [[ in insert mode for linking note
  • Daily I review my inbox note note/(new note will be here), once time a day I use function hi
  • you can see my old notes at github repo by following this link: https://github.com/thuanpham2311/garden

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